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To my Lovely Facebook Fans

To my thousands of Facebook fans, http://www.facebook.com/ianirvine.author, who:

  • are an unending source of enthusiasm, encouragement, advice and good humour that lifts my heart at the beginning and the end of each writing day;
  • cheerfully and thoughtfully answer my questions about diverse topics such as the availability of my books, suggestions for book and series’ titles, ebooks and the future of books, and a thousand other topics;
  • constantly beg me for news about the next book and read it as soon as it comes out;
  • bring backpacks full of lovely, battered, well-loved books to my signings;
  • laugh at my jokes, no matter how feeble;
  • Criticise me some of the times I need it;
  • share the horror of my office spider experiences;
  • make my lime liqueur recipe and tell me how much they like it – http://ian-irvine.blogspot.com.au/2011/11/ians-lime-liqueur-recipe.html;
  • and generally encourage me in ways great and small –

Thank you.

Russian hardcovers


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The place to go for all things related to the Three Worlds sequence is the Three Worlds Wiki, lovingly created over many years by a community of my readers. It currently contains 353 pages of facts, histories and articles and is an invaluable resource for everyone, including me.

And if you should find an error there, by all means join the community and correct it.


The Way Between the Worlds Russian hardcover

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I’m on Goodreads

All my books are on Goodreads.com – it’s the place to go to review or rate them, to read reviews of my books by other people or find out more about my books, join discussion groups or get book suggestions based on what you like to read.

And from time to time I have book giveaways there.


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